Radio Gaga

Meine Lieben,

diese Woche konntet ihr mich gleich zweimal über eure Radios hören, zumindest wenn eure Radios im Norden stehen 😉 Am Montag gab es einen Beitrag im NDR 1 Kulturjournal und am Dienstag war ich Studiogast bei Antenne MV, inklusive Ständchen 🙂 Schön war’s!

Montreal Night Shifts (Live Sessions) – EP out now!

Yaaaayyy! We finally made it. Our new EP is available everywhere now. I am so grateful to everyone who contributed to this project!!! And I really hope you like what we prepared for you. Grab your copy in the shop or here:

Amazon (US) 

Amazon (FR)


Google Play

You can also listen to it on Spotify, Napster, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal and certainly some other places I forgot 😉


Video Premiere #2

Here.We.Go! What better day than Valentine’s day to show you the second video off of our upcoming EP (little German language class included 😉 ). This is my bittersweet love song for my (not really) beloved hometown up North. Really hope you like it!

Video Premiere #1

Los geht’s! Ca y est! Here we go! Today you get the first taste of the upcoming EP. I really hope you like it! This is our little go-getter song for 2016. Think big, my friends, and let the people talk! NOT reaching for the stars has never helped anyone go anywhere! Have fun!

Official Release Date – Montreal Night Shifts

Great news, my friends:

For all those of you who are wondering when this EP I’ve been talking about day in and day out for the last couple of months will finally be released: Wonder no more! February 28th will be the day! And this is what it’ll look like: Artwork courtesy of my dearest Alexandra Bilodeau!

PS. All those who pre-ordered through the crowdfunding campaign will of course get a head start via early delivery aaaand before the official EP release you’ll get to see the awesome videos we produced for two of the songs. Stay tuned! I’ll tell you more about that very soon!

Montreal Night Shifts – Crowdfunding Countdown

Whoop whoop! Great news, our crowdfunding campaign hit the 3.000€ mark which means all the money is safe! Thank you so much everybody!!! YOU ARE AWESOME! But keep on supporting, guys! We can use all the help we can get and you wouldn’t wanna miss the chance to pre-order the EP, right? You can still do it until November 15. (English) (Deutsch)


PS. I asked everyone involved why anyone should support the project. Watch what they had to say here.

Montreal Night Shifts – WE.DID.IT!!!

Recording’s done! We spent the last two days recording our live sessions and it couldn’t have worked out better! The team was ON FIRE!!! The guys and girls did an AMAZING job!!!

I can’t wait to show you the results but until then there’s still a lot of work to do! Stay tuned and keep supporting our crowdfunding campaign on so we can finish this! Thank you!!!


Montreal Night Shifts – Live-EP Crowdfunding

Dear everyone, exciting news:

IT’S OFFICIAL! I’ve been working quite a bit behind the scenes lately and now I’m proud to announce my new EP project that will come to life in Montréal, Québec, Canada in the coming weeks 🙂 I am very excited to tell you that I’ll be recording Live-Sessions with amazing musicians over here to have a new EP ready by the end of the year probably!!!!

Even more exciting: You can help us do it by supporting my crowdfunding campaign right here:

English version:
German version:

There I also keep you up to date on everything that’s happening with the project! Thank you a million, billion, gazillion times for your support!!!!!

Crowdfunding success = Trailer time!

It’s trailer time! Yesterday my crowdfunding campaign ended and as a little thank you for the huge support the project received I’d like to share the official Making-of-video of the upcoming EP with you!

And I also want to thank everyone who helped me actually pull off this project, all the supporters, crew members and all the great people of Montreal who helped me navigate through that wonderful city with all kinds of support, from huge to tiny!


Kleiner Tipp für alle, die noch wunderbare Weihnachtsgeschenke suchen: Ich nehme ab 2016 gern ein paar Gesangsschüler (Stuttgart-Ost oder Stuttgart-West) unter meine liebevollen Fittiche 😉 Wenn ihr also jemanden kennt, der sich und seine Stimme ausprobieren mag, schenkt ihm doch ein Schnupperstündchen oder beschenkt euch einfach selbst 🙂 Bei Interesse schreibt an Ich freu mich auf euch!

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